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Slide 1: Welcome
  • ​Welcome to this overview. 
  • For about the next ___ minutes we are going to be introducing you to a new company that is leading the charge in proactive wellness.  
  • offering an opportunity to participate in a pilot program designed to better your patients health while adding an additional stream of income to your bottom line. 

Slide 2:  
  • We have a website specifically designed to educate you on our profound solutions for proactive wellness.  Feel free to check out or scan the QR code to take a deeper dive.  

Slide 3: Who is this for? 

Slide 4: Who is this for? 
  • Cosmetic

Slide 5: Two questions: 
  • Would you be interested in adding an extra $1200-$12,000+ per month to your bottom line without adding ANY addition overhead? 

  • Would you be open to providing industry disruptive health and anti-aging supplements to your business to enhance the treatments you currently provide. 


Slide 6: Agenda
   So sit back and relax as we 
  • 1000s of supplement companies out there

    •  what makes us such a stand out = "the iphone 15 of wellness technology"

    • THREE has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular absorption technology making the 6 demonstrative products we are about to introduce you to unbeatable in the marketplace. ​



Slide 5: Timing is Key
  • What we are offering is so economically relevant and on point.

  • If we learned anything from the pandemic it’s that we need to take the reins of our own health 

  • Post 2020, health supplements are one of the most commonly researched topics on the internet. 

  • People are searching for ways to promote health outside of the traditional pharmaceutical route. 

  • Wouldn’t you agree that our health care - or perhaps, more aptly put, our sick care system is reactive rather than proactive. Three is here to shift that paradigm.

  • Post 2020 people are looking for additional streams of income. 

  • Never before in the history of mankind has the world been as ripe for the proactive solutions we offer to fortify bodies and bank accounts.

  • Introduce Dr. Fred Williams



Slide 6: Advanced Delivery Technologies
  • Very clean ingredients paired with state of the art delivery technologies such as liposomal technology, enzyme, nano and micronization result in maximizing the delivery of nutrients to the cell nucleus

  • We’ve always heard you are what you eat but the truth is that our bodies are built on the nutrients we absorb at the cellular level 

    • Ex. Cumin - absorbed at 5% - wrap a liposome around it -and it amplifies the absorption rate to a whopping 90-98%

  • Value! For every dollar you’re spending - don’t you want to get 90-98% value instead of the typical supplement absorption rate at an anemic 5-20%? 

  • Dr. Dan is our chief science officer

    • His grandfather was a famous biochemist. 

      • While the other kids were spending their Saturdays kicking a football, Dr. Dan grew up in his grandfathers lab learning about organic chemistry

      • At the age of 12, his  grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and it was then that he made it his life’s mission to help people live proactively 

    • READ SLIDE: 

      • 15years of cellular absorption formulation

      •  Formulated over 70 nutritional supplements

      • 16 patents granded or pending

      • PHD from Caltech (the Harvard of organic chemistry)

      • Self proclaimed nerd and science geek has over 90k tik tok followers and a top 50 podcast

SLIDE 7: 3rd party lab testing, NSF and GMP certifications SAB

  • Our products are audited to ensure they meet the rigorous standards of health and safety dictated by the NSF and GMP 

  • Scientific Advisory Board - the intellectual capital we have at the helm is unmatched

    • We’ve gathered leaders from across the medical field to form this panel of experts

      • Top of their field - chose to put name behind our 6 products

      • Not paid/volunteer


SLIDE 8:  Ingredients and Sourcing:
  • It's important to understand that what's NOT in a formulation is often as important as what is

  • And of course it's important what IS in each formulation - 

    • 83% of the time what’s on the label is not even contained in the bottle

    • We go the extra mile to ensure that what’s in our formulation matches or exceeds what’s on our label

  • Quality and sourcing are paramount. 

    • DNA footprint testing is conducted on every single ingredient that comes into the manufacturing plant.

    • Mid batch and finished goods batch testing ensures the efficacy, integrity, purity and safety of every 

    • Our compounds contain none of the bad stuff and are extensively tested to ensure delivery of the cleanest, whole food ingredients devoid of any harmful substances. 




A huge feather in our cap is that All 6 of the products you’re about to be educated on have been inducted into the PDR, or prescriber’s digital reference.  This is an unprecedented distinction - Formerly known as the physician’s desk reference, this is the medical professional’s bible for pharmaceuticals with a few chosen nutraceuticals who were required to meet highly rigorous standards to even be considered.  To give you some perspective…of the 10s of 1000s of supplement companies only 22 companies have been accepted. Of those 22, 4 have 2 of their products showcased - Three - has all 6! 



SLIDE 9: THREE Medicinal Plant Research Institute

And the icing on the cake is the THREE medicinal plant research institute. Located in Thailand with the intent to make an impact in the way plants and vegetation can be used to improve health and quality of life worldwide.


  • So here are our 6 life giving products.  I could easily spend an hour on each one but I’m gonna go through a cliff note version tonight.  So let's start up in the top top left hand corner.


Vitalitae - Combines crucial vitamins and minerals it’s so much more than a multi-vitamin - with proprietary superfood, digestive care, and antioxidant-packed berry blend this sets the contains everything we need to fill in all the nutritional gaps. 

    • Most vitamins are synthetic isolates - ours are whole food vitamins

    • A little packet that we take daily containing four small capsules plus your omega

    • Results include increased energy, not just an increase in physical energy but mental energy -yet without caffeine 

      • helps regulate the digestive system

      • Improved sleep 


  • Eternel - Éternel is an advanced blend of liposomal antioxidants and polyphenols that helps protect your body's cells and systems from the damage caused by free radicals.

    • 30 day pack

    • Fountain of youth in a purple packet. 

    • Tastes awesome - sugar craving -  Keep it cold in the fridge

    • Contains:  

      • glutathione - master antioxidant

      • 2 grams of marine collagen 

      • Coenzyme Q10

      • 200 mg of resveratrol 

      • All your polyphenols

      • 10 superfruits 

    • Internal and external demonstrative effects 

      • Reduces inflammation

      • Radiant skin - glutathione glow

      • Repairs muscle tissues and promotes joint health- 


  • Immune -

    • enhances your body's natural immune response.

    • truly unique in the market place - Immune modulator -

      • boosts the immune system when needed

      • calms it down if it’s overactive (allergies) and brings it back to homeostasis 

      • 2 a day - this is the ultimate in proactive wellness

        • Vitamins A, C, D, E and zinc
        • Nano-silver - anti-fungal, anti-baterial

        • Mushroom extracts/adaptogens

        • Quercetin - allergies/natural benadryl



  • Collagen - The Ultimate Dewy Skin Cocktail

    •  nourishes skin, hair, and nails

    •  lubricates the joints 

  • 5 grams - clinical dose - of marine collagen which is hydrolyzed and micronized so it is absorbed. 
    • collagen cycling - 10 out of 30 days  - gives the body nutrients to make its own collagen.  10 days on, 20 days off

    • Hylauronic acid, vitamin C 

    • Keratin, biotin, pomegrante


  • Revive - the ultimate anti-inflammatory - 

    • Supports healthy joints and enhanced flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

      • Addresses brain and gut  inflammation 

      • What sets it apart -again - is the absorption - taking the best turmeric you don’t feel the effects because it’s only delivered to the tune of 5% - put a liposome around that curcumin and it’s absorbed at 90-98% and works like an ibuprofen or Advil with side benefits rather than side effects. 

      • Bosswelia/Frankinsence  - incredible, natural  anti-inflammatory delivered to the cells to 90% 


  • Purifí́ - Disease symptoms come from a cup that is too full of toxins and impurities 

    • an advanced blend of cleansing herbs and fulvic acid (works like a magnet to collect all the toxins and impurities and escort then out of the body) t

      • take one of these beautiful green capsules per night or 2 if you overindulge - wake up feeling wonderful

      • There’s a liver enzyme in there

  • We have 32 trillion cells that are toxic and deficient- they turn over and replicate every 90 days. - in 90 days we build a completely new body comprised of 32 trillion brand new cells - build that body with these 6 essential whole food based compounds  with superior delivery systems and the cleanest end most efficacious ingredients-the best of the best! 



SLIDE 11: Testimonials: 

So you’ve heard about the uncompromising science, the bioavailability, the ingredients, but perhaps the most impressive is the real results we are hearing and seeing on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the many testimonials that pour in on a daily basis.   We can't wait for you to have your own. 



SLIDE 12: Thrive With Three Team Website

If you’re interested in taking an even deeper dive, check out our product page on our team website  You’ll find additional  information on how this company is changing the face of health.

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