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Pro Tips:

  • Print out and use your tracking sheet.

  • The intention of the invite is simply to SET THE APPOINTMENT

  • Reach out with your voice so they can hear your passion

  • I thought of you because needs personalizing for each individual.

  • Get PERMISSION to share information - Do not spam!

  • Record your verbal invitation on your smartphone until you feel confident and the passion exudes from your voice.

Elements of the Invite:

  • I'm not sure where I've caught you today...

  • I thought of you because...

  • This may or may not be a fit for you

  • Would you be open?

Sample Verbiage:

NAME - I'm not sure where I've caught you today but I could not wait to reach out to you! A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity that fell into my lap. I feel like everything I've done has prepared me for this. Global affiliate marketing leaders formed a new collaboration and it entered prelaunch this past Feb. 20th. There are 14 countries involved. Showcasing 6 demonstrative products that every human being on the planet should be consuming backed by jaw dropping science that you need to hear about - literally the iPhone 15 of nutraceuticals and anti-aging.  I've been looking for a way to contribute to my family's bottom line and add some purpose and passion into my life and I've found the answer. 

I thought of you because... (this will be unique for each person you reach out and needs to come from the heart, not the head) examples

  • you mentioned you wanted more time flexibility.

  • it would be a blast to do this together

  • you understand the importance of having a residual component to your financial portfolio.

  • you're always looking for the best of the best products to support proactive wellness and anti-aging.

  • you're smart and entrepreneurial & smart people diversify

  • I see so many synergies between what you're currently doing and what this company has to offer.

NAME, trust me you need to take a look at this. This may or may not be a fit for you but would be open to scheduling a time where I can tell you more about it?

Awsome Invites by Ellie: 

Example 1: 

Hey Emma I know this is random but I saw on your Facebook that you working in holistic healthcare and i wanna hear all about your experience. I just started working for a company called Three International. It’s a crazy story how I got involved but I would love to catch up and tell you about it. The company is starting a movement towards a more proactive healthcare and I think you would be into it. Let me know if you're open to catching up soon! 

Example 2: (through instagram)

Hey Mindy! I wanted to send you a text but I can’t seem to find your phone number anymore. I would love to catch up cause I love what you are doing with holistic healthcare. I just started doing something in that realm and I could totally see us working together.

If you get a NO (Not Now)

"I completely understand that you have a lot on your plate right now. I just wanted to share with you an opportunity that could potentially help you create some additional income and flexibility in the long run. If you ever find some free time or feel curious to learn more, I'd be more than happy to provide you with some information. No pressure at all, just thought it might be worth considering for the future." 

Follow up if you don't hear back after someone expresses interest

Hi Name.  You mentioned you were interested in learning about the nutritional/financial solutions I’m so passionate about. Name,  I just want to make sure I haven’t dropped the ball.  I’ve tried to contact you a couple of times.  Perhaps you’re no longer interested at this time and I certainly don’t want to bug you but I also want to ensure you've received the information I've shared.  In either case, please just let me know so I know.   

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