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Virtual Business Launch Presentation Notes

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Hello, everyone. My name is (Presenter________), and it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to a brand-new company, the Holy Grail of Proactive Wellness, 3 International. We just launched in May of 2023, and we are spearheading a movement delivering greater health to people through a dynamic platform for entrepreneurship with a greater purpose through our caring community.


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 For about the next 30 minutes, I'll be providing a high-level overview that covers a little bit about our Proactive Wellness Company, the products and science, the income opportunity and how to get started.


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And as we're going through this, I want you to be thinking where you see yourself. Are you a one, two or three?

1. One: simply interested in benefiting from the products.

2. Two: you're intrigued by the income opportunity, and you want to learn more. Or...

3. Three: you're ready to set up an onboarding call to position yourself for success.

Or you may be a zero, and that's okay too. We are on an awareness campaign with the goal and objective of shifting the paradigm from reactive (sick care system) to proactive wellness and longevity.  We are on an awareness campaign and even if this is not up your alley - you may know just the person looking for us and we appreciate any referrals. 


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So first we'll start with a little bit about our proactive wellness company.  If you're wondering why we're named Three, it's because we are built on the foundation of three pillars.  The first pillar being PEOPLE which is our greatest asset... the 2nd pillar is PLATFORM:  we provide a cross-border e-commerce platform for entrepreneurship... direct to consumer marketing leveraging word of mouth.  This has never been done before. We are streamlined in currently 14 international markets in phase one and growing.


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And last but not least our 3rd pillar is PURPOSE  - intent on building a global community focused on well being through connection and contribution - I can't think of any purpose more meaningful or significant. 

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THE PRESENTERS WHY} i.e. I gave up a lot to be here. I left a multiple, multiple six-figure income with another company because I want to be aligned with the very best science, the most compelling compensation plan and superlative leadership. When I went to exercise my due diligence, I found more than I had ever hoped for.


My first question was about the science and what I discovered truly blew me away. Three is the global leader in bioavailable wellness products. We discover, develop, and deliver the most effective proactive wellness solutions guided by these three pillars (you'll see the theme of three pillars here as well)

1. Exploration - we search the world discovering new ingredients to use in our formulations.

2. Curation -  our products are carefully crafted to provide benefits specific to your body's needs and...

3. Absorption -  our innovative technologies deliver nutrients at the cellular level for maximum wellness. And we'll talk a little bit more about that in just a moment.

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I've never seen any other company in the wellness industry do anything like this. They've purchased an agricultural reserve in northern Thailand dedicated to the cultivation, exploration and innovation of medicinal plants and you know there are over 650,000 plants in the world a fraction of which have ever been investigated for their medicinal properties, and that's what we're doing to stay at the forefront of any other Company out there. 

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but we're going to stay ahead due to the intellectual capital we have and this exploration that we're doing on a daily basis. Dr. Dan Gubler is, again, our chief science officer and PhD. I would put him against any nutritional biochemist in the world today. I believe he'll win a Nobel Prize for his contribution to human health. He has over 15 years of cellular absorption formulation experience started out in the pharmaceutical world, and but has formulated over 70 nutritional supplements with 16 patents granted or pending. He went to Caltech, which is the Harvard of organic chemistry and graduated with a PhD. And he really is bringing to the world these proactive wellness solutions that are, again, shifting the paradigm from reactive to proactive and instead of pharmaceuticals, which have side effects, we're bringing nutraceuticals, which have side benefits. And this self-proclaimed science nerd is pretty freaking cool.  He's a health influencer that has over 90,000 TikTok followers. So, follow him on TikTok, and he also has an amazing Top 50 podcast. 


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He and this company have attracted, a scientific advisory board of eight other medical professionals at the top of their field that are aligning with this movement to shift this paradigm. They're not paid a cent to be mouthpieces for the company. They're passionate about being part of this movement because they recognize the challenges and shortcomings or our current health care system. 

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So now we're going to move on from the company to the products and science.


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What I believe, and what the research shows, is if you want to supercharge health, you  cannot get the nutrients from food alone. Supplementation is a must. It's critical to optimal health. And supplementation is no longer a question of should we, it's a question of which one should we. These are some of the ingredients that I'm sure you've heard of that are needed to proactively address optimal health, tumor, collagen, CoQ10, pro and prebiotics, organic greens.


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The problem that we're facing is it's so confusing. The other problem is, who do you trust? And a major issue is poor absorption. 


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So, let's dig into those a little bit. It's confusing, right? How do you know which brand is best? How do you know how much to take of what? Knowing that we need supplementation, how do you know how much to take of what? 


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And with three, it's clear because we source the best ingredients from around the world and we eliminate the guesswork. We make it super, super simple. We have six products that I'm going to be educating you in just a moment on that include all the ingredients discussed in the former slide plus more, but they're designed to work synergistically together.  So, the whole's greater than the sum of the parts, and we make it so easy again.


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 the second problem, who can we trust? Supplements are not FDA regulated. It's the wild west out there. And this is shocking, but true. What's on the label is not in the bottle 83% of the time. Not to mention, ingredients are often toxic and synthetic. So, we're going out, we're spending money, we're spending our time trying to get formulations and compounds and supplements that are healthy for us and many times, more often than not actually, we're doing possibly more harm than good because the ingredients are toxic and synthetic.


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You can trust three. We spend $3 million on third-party testing to ensure that 100% of the time what's on the label is actually in the bottle instead of 17% of the time. We have the scientific advisory board I just introduced you to that are doing this not getting paid, but they're so passionate about really making a difference in human health and the ability to show people how to fortify their bodies and take the reins of their health. The prescriber’s digital reference. There is no other company ever in the world that has six products.  There are four companies that have two. We have six and we just launched in May of 2023. So, we get to bring these solutions to critical mass and we're at the forefront of this. So, the other thing is our ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced simply from clean whole foods. 


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They have none of the bad stuff. No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorings. You can read all of that on the left side. It's important to note that often, maybe more importantly than what is in a compound, is what's not in a compound. So, we have none of the bad stuff and all of the good stuff and everything's tested for heavy metals, herbicides, mold pesticides, and radionucleotides. 


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The third problem, absorption is anemic. What actually gets absorbed is on average less than 10%. 

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So, for every dollar we're spending, we're getting 10 cents on the dollar. We have at 3, 11 advanced absorption technologies. This is really super exciting and Star Wars like. Our innovative technologies deliver nutrients to the cellular level between 3 and 9.5 times greater than traditional supplementation. And we have clinical studies showing that increase in absorption. 

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So, drum roll please, this is our product line, and you'll see these beautiful, simple six products. And I was thinking the other day, I was like, how many bags of groceries and how many calories consumed would you need to equal what's in these six easy, simple products that I choose to take, and my family chooses to take on a daily basis? Probably $1,000 worth of groceries per day.  There's so much in these products. There's such a robust amount of nutrients. 


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So, I'm going to double down a little bit on all six of our products being listed in the PDR. The prescriber’s digital reference if you're not familiar is the most reputable source of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical information used by health care professionals. It's mainly pharmaceuticals with a few highly vetted nutraceuticals in there and again we are the only company that has all six of our products in the PDR and they work together synergistically. 


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So, we'll start with our Vitalite, which I call the foundation. This particular product is your multivitamin, your multi-mineral.  It contains all the nutrients vital for proper health, promotes heart, brain, and eye health, supports the health of the gut microbiome, and promotes cellular energy. People are sleeping better, their digestion's improving, they have more energy throughout the day. So, this is a really, mental clarity is another side effect, side benefit that I'm hearing a lot about.


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 Eternel, our second product, this is, I call it the fountain of youth in a purple packet. This is first of all delicious. I love to keep these frozen in my freezer or at least in the refrigerator and open them up and sip them cold.  They have over 200 milligrams of highly bioavailable resveratrol that protects and supports cells from damage and premature aging. This product also works to neutralize free radicals. It delivers powerful phytonutrients. It has 10 super fruits. It protects against UV damage. And I want to take a moment to talk about glutathione. Glutathione is the Mount Everest of all antioxidants. The problem being is that the human body could only ingest it, or you know be able to absorb it through IVs up until now. And I used to get glutathione IV pushes and I felt great. I get this glutathione glow. I felt amazing. My energy was amplified for about five days and then the effects wore off. And by the way those IVs were to the tune of two, three hundred dollars. Now I get to take this. It works like an IV every single day. This could be a billion dollar a year product on its own. 


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Next is immune. And guys immune, I mean if protecting our immune system, boosting it, and bringing it back into balance also because we feel bad when our immune system's low, but we also feel bad when we have allergies and it's hyperactive. And this is an immune modulator. The immune, if it weren't important pre-pandemic, certainly people are looking for ways to take the reins and boost their immune system. And this is like nothing else I've ever seen in the marketplace. I was taking 12 bottles of things at five times the cost and one-seventh or one-eighth the bioavailability. This has everything and way more delivered to the cellular level most impactfully. So, this promotes the health of the innate and adaptive immune system. And it also enhances the gut microbiome as 80% of the immune system is actually found in the gut. 


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Next is collagen. Collagen is trending for sure, and collagen, our own body's collagen production starts diminishing in our late 20s. So, we need to, you know, and the body doesn't make it on itself, by itself, unless we give it collagen. And this is absolutely the best-in-class collagen out there. It delivers five grams of highly bioavailable marine collagen, promotes the body's natural ability to produce its own collagen. So, we do something called collagen cycling. We do 10 days on, 20 days off. And those 10 days we flood the body with this incredible collagen. And then it ignites our own collagen producing muscle for the next 20 days, which supports healthy skin, hair, nails, healthy immune response, and joint health. 


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Next is Revive, which is currently my very favorite product, product because I am recovering from a knee replacement. I do not know what I would do without this. This is a healthy alternative to your NSIDs like anti-inflammatories such as Advil, but again, has side benefits rather than side effects. This supports healthy joints, eases muscle stiffness, maintains a healthy inflammatory state in the body, and promotes exercise recovery, as well as counteracts the effects of free radicals. So, the star of the show here is curcumin, and you know the difference is curcumin it's great it's the master anti-inflammatory, but the body can only absorb it up until now at 5%. We have increased that by about nine times that amount nine to ten times. 


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So last but not least is our Purifi which is our daily detox which goes in we take it at night right before we go to bed and purify take one or two if you've overindulged and it goes to work to detoxify our five organs it supports the body's elimination organs to remove toxins and that increases nutrient absorption in the body. It also helps to support a healthy weight and it eliminates healthy heavy metal toxins.  So guys, we have 32 trillion cells that are toxic and deficient. Every 90 days, every three months, we build a brand-new body. Flood your body with these six products and wow, you're really going to feel a difference. 


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Our epigenetic study, this was just printed, this was just done and completed, and literally this is, anybody who understands epigenetics, your jaw will be on the floor at the results that this third-party study has shown with regard to our six products.


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 So, I encourage you, if you want to take a deeper dive, look at all the ingredients, dig down a little bit more into the science. Go to our slash products or scan the QR code and we have all the dossiers. We have short little video vignettes by Dr. Dan on each and every product. There's a wealth of information there and you can peruse our studies and more.  





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So, in conclusion with 3 you are getting all the ingredients listed below plus more, and these are needed to proactively address optimal health. and we do it in such a simple way. 


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So now I'm going to move on a little bit to the income opportunity. 


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What is it? Well, guys, it's as simple as this. We consume the products. We love the products. And in my case, and what I'm seeing time and time again, people just organically share the products and also share the income opportunity because it's what we do anyway, right?  If we find something that makes a significant difference and a positive impact on our lives, we want to share it with the people that we care about. It's what we do anyway. and certainly, in today's economy, there's so many people who diversify, you know, smart people diversify. and for many, there's too much month at the end of the money and this gives you the ability to simply share something that you love and leverage this cross-border e-commerce opportunity.


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What we have guys is so economically relevant. Post-2020 health supplements are one of the most commonly researched topics. And I just read in an article by Forbes that between 2021 and 2028, the proactive wellness supplement industry is poised to double. It's supposed to go from $70 million to $170 million. Post 2020, we began to understand the significance of having a plan B and the ability to work remotely. So, we're pairing this wellness revolution with e-commerce.


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This is, referral marketing is often misunderstood, often not done in a classy, elegant way, like we do it here on our team. And with 3, we have beautiful systems for success to plug into, and we show you how to do this right. So, this gives you an idea of how legitimate and how referral marketing is absolutely thriving. As you can see, it's more than twice the movie Hollywood industry, video gaming, NFL, or music industry. So, we're basically with the most prestigious, the Rolls-Royce referral marketing company out there, and no one's heard of us yet. 



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That brings me to the timing of this company. We are in the formulation stage. Again, we get to bring these products to critical mass to positively impact human health. And we haven't hit the momentum stage yet, but it is our first year and projections show that we're poised to hit around $100 million I mean, people are looking for what we are offering. So, we get to ride that wave of momentum into the stability stage and that excites me. 



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We are in 14 international markets currently and expanding. These are where we are now. And it's all streamlined. It's where we have a point system. Every product's the same. Everybody gets paid the same way. And it's just super simple and streamlined.


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So, the benefits of partnership for you entrepreneurs out there. I love this because we have, again, as I mentioned, these systems for success that we've put together to make this really turnkey for you and paint by number. And systems that you'll feel comfortable implementing. This is something I haven't seen. There's really zero risk and yet unlimited upside potential with no geographical boundaries. All the distribution and manufacturing is done for you. You don't have to stack any inventory, deal with any employees. We consume our healthy overhead and get healthier than you've ever been, taking the reins of your own longevity. And we're able to build an income-producing asset over time if we choose to partner with the company and the income solution portion of opportunity that this company offers. We build an income producing asset leveraging the geometric progression of numbers and building leaders.


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 So, if you want to dig down just like our product, the business is super simple. We make things super simple and again, houses our system for success. and if you go to the business page or scan on this QR code, you'll find information, more information on the comp plan and the company and this income opportunity. 


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So last but not least, let's talk about how to get started, 


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how you can choose if you decide to join the movement. And you can come on as a retail customer and purchase it for full retail price with no annual fee and plug into community support. We're all here rooting for you to win and become healthier than you ever have. But who wants to pay retail? We love to show people how to maximize their savings. So, you could become a preferred customer by paying $30 in an annual membership fee and you get around 20% off of the products for an entire year. If you purchase more than two products, you might as well do this because you're going to save first order. You plug into the wholesale pricing. We have an amazing loyalty rewards program and community support. But what I do 99 times out of 100 is I set people up as a brand ambassador because you've got no risk, there's no, you're not locked into anything, but you're set up with all the perks of a preferred customer, plus you get a free replicated website and you open up the option for our multiple ways to earn and the daily pay and our referral program. So why not? You anchor a position in the organization. 


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So, we highly recommend you start with a pack because the more you come in with, the more you save. and the intro pack contains all the first three products that we talked about.  The intro pack, that's kind of your foundational pack. You save $85. The premium pack is good, it's $600, and you save $182. The business builder pack, better, you save $699, and you'll see you get several months, five months of some of the products and two months of other products.

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But the Best is the Pro Pack. The perks associated with this pack, first of all, you're saving $902 of the best, the Rolls Royce of products that you're going to be using and consuming and loving and maybe sharing with some people for $2,300. (Read slide on perks) This is what I highly recommend coming in with.


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So, guys, talk more to the person that invited you here, to get you set up.  So, as we close and wrap this up, I'm going to ask what we asked at the beginning of this presentation, where do you see yourself? Are you a one, simply interested in benefiting from the products? We love our product users. A two, you're intrigued by the income opportunity, and you want to learn more. Or three, you're ready to set up an onboarding call to position yourself for success. Let us know where you are and we're here to help. So, cheers to your health. and thank you so much for listening.


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Hello, everyone. My name is (Your Name), and I am coming to you from (Your Place). I want to welcome you to this overview. I'm super excited to share with you something I'm personally very passionate about, a company called 3 International. So, we're new and we're poised to become a household name and really change and shift the paradigm of reactive healthcare to proactive wellness. That's what we're all about. And we're really a movement. We're spearheading a movement that delivers greater health to people. We also have a dynamic platform for entrepreneurship for those interested. And it's all built on this foundation of purpose through our caring community.

Slide 2

So why are we called Three? Well, we're built on three pillars, people, platform, and purpose.

Slide 3

So, guys, if you are not aware, you need to know that we are not getting the nutrients we need from food alone. Supplementation is no longer a question of should we, it's a question of which one should we? And you've heard about all these ingredients listed and more, but basically, wouldn't it be great to get all of these ingredients into your body in the right amounts, in the right synergies, in their purest and most efficacious form? Well, you know what? 3 offers that. And these are the ingredients we need to proactively address optimal health. If you want to fuel your body like a Ferrari, like it deserves to be fueled, we need these ingredients and we're not getting them. 


Slide 4

So, what's the problem? The problem is that the supplement industry is not FDA regulated. So, there's a lot of junk out there, a lot of junk. If you go to Costco or even Whole Foods or wherever you're maybe purchasing supplements, 83% of the time what's on the label is not in the bottle. Can you imagine? Another problem is that raw ingredients that are used are often toxic and synthetic because there's no oversight. Absorption of traditional supplements is anemic. You know, 90% of the stuff that we're taking in just goes out the other end and is not utilized and integrated into our body. And it's confusing. I know I've been confused.  I want the best of the best, to put in my body, the best anti-aging supplements, the best wellness compounds, but it's confusing. So how do you know how much to take of what, and who do you trust?

Slide 5

So, the solution guys is three and I really believe that you'll know that by the end of this overview, you'll really understand that because we can certainly back up, that we are the solution. We spend $3 million annually on testing to ensure that 100% of the time what's on the label is in the bottle. We use the purest, safest, most efficacious ingredients sourced from around the world, and we third-party test at every stage of the game. The raw ingredients that come into the lab, mid-batch testing, and of course, the finished goods. We have a scientific advisory board, a volunteer army, medical professionals at the top of their field that don't get paid, that are on this mission with us to really impact world health in a positive way, proactively rather than reactively. And turn this paradigm to a wellness system rather than a sick care system. All of our products work synergistically and provide a shortcut that eliminates the guesswork to get everything you need in order for your body to be as healthy as possible and perform optimally. And we have 10 different advanced absorption technologies that are really truly industry disruptive. We also have an income opportunity, which is one of my favorite products, but for those who are interested, we're not here to strong arm you into that. Everybody can benefit from the products. And some of you might be interested in the income opportunities. Smart people diversify and it's fun to share a great thing that's really, really changing people's health and wellness positively.


Slide 6

So, 3 International has and is redefining the science of supplementation with our cutting-edge cellular absorption technology. That really is what makes us a standout in today's marketplace. And we ensure that our products are efficient, effective, and unbeatably bioavailable. 


Slide 7

You guys, we have advanced delivery technologies that we're talking about. Liposomal, that's kind of the sexiest buzz. There's a lot of buzz around liposomal technology, but we have the best of the best even within that genre. We have smart enzyme delivery, we have nanotechnology, we have micronization. The specific molecule that we're dealing with in the lab, they use the specific technology that best ensures that that nutrient will most effectively and efficiently be absorbed at the cellular level. So, Dr. Dan Gubler, he is our chief science officer, guys. He has 15 years of cellular absorption formulation experience. I would put him against anybody in the world to lead this company into the next frontier of wellness. And he's formulated over 70 nutritional supplements. He has 16 patents, granted or pending. He is Caltech trained, Caltech's literally the Harvard of organic chemistry, graduated top of his class. And this self-proclaimed science nerd he’s pretty freaking cool. He's got over 90,000 TikTok followers and leads a top 50 podcast. 


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So, guys, this slide has a lot of words on it, but you guys, what I really want you to understand is it's oftentimes as important, maybe even more important what's not in a formulation than what is. So, as you can see, there's no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, you can read all that. Basically, we're clean, whole food. And we pride ourselves on the superior sourcing and our testing, the extensive testing. We go the extra mile to test for heavy metals, herbicides, mold, pesticides, and radionucleotides. 


Slide 9

This is just a huge feather in our cap. I don't know of any other company doing this. We've opened a medicinal plant research institute, which is an agricultural reserve dedicated to the cultivation, exploration, and innovation of medicinal plants. Apparently, there's like 65,000 plants out there that have never even been tested for their medicinal properties. So that's what we're doing. We're really, really making waves in the wellness world.


Slide 10

So guys, all six of our products, this is when I looked at this, this is when I was like, wow, I can take this to any practitioner, any functional medicine doctor, any naturopath, any MD, and be able to show them that all six of our products, this is an unprecedented distinction, have been listed in the PDR, formerly known as the Physician's Desk Reference, which is basically the physician's bible for pharmaceuticals with a few little nutraceutical companies in there that have to go through a massive vetting to be able to be inducted into the PDR, now known as the Prescriber's Digital Reference. It's definitely the most reputable source of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical information used. And just to give you some perspective, there have been 22 companies total that have ever gotten a product into the PDR. Of those 22 companies, four have gotten two of their products into the PDR. Our company, which is, you know, again, launched late May of 2023, has all six of our products in the PDR mic drop. 


Slide 11

So, guys, this, drum roll please, is our product line. It's simple, but robust. And there's six products, I use all of them,

I love all of them,

but I want you to take a look at the top three. The top three I would basically consider non-negotiable to human health. Everybody needs the top three. And then those bottom three fills in the gaps. I want my gaps filled in, so I take all six. But I'm going to give you a cliff notes version of the product line for the purposes of this event, but after this we can definitely send you to our website, where you can take a deeper dive, but I'm going to go through these pretty quickly. So Vitalite, guys are our multivitamins with omegas. It's absolutely the best vitamin / multivitamin complex and superfood blend out there in the marketplace today. It provides all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients vital for proper health. It promotes heart, brain, and eye health. It supports the gut microbiome, now known as the third brain and it also promotes cellular energy, both mentally and physically. I love Vitalite. It basically gives you the foundation to amplify the rest of our five products. Eternal. I call Eternal my fountain of youth in a purple pouch. This is probably my favorite product, although it's hard to choose. This is an antioxidant superfood blend. It protects and supports cells from damage and premature aging. It works to neutralize free radicals and it has all these anti-aging ingredients. I'm not going to go over them, but you can certainly take a deeper dive, like I said, and it has all the phytonutrients, there's veritrol, glutathione, which I call the Mount Everest of all antioxidants. And again, delivered liposomally with our advanced delivery system so that the body can actually utilize and absorb these incredible ingredients. Third is immune. This is really a unique formulation. I haven't seen anything like it in the marketplace. You know, post pandemic or, you know, during the pandemic, we really recognize the importance of supporting the immune system, right? And this particular formulation is interesting because it's an immune modulator. So, we feel bad when our immune system is hyperactive, when we have allergies, and we need to bring it back to homeostasis. Our mushroom blend contained in immune does that. It also has ingredients that also support the gut microbiome. 80% of the immune system is housed in the gut and has tons of amazing everything, everything that I was taking individually that, you know, buying on Amazon and piece kneeling and spending three times more than I'm spending now for immune and immune is more absorbable, is contained in here. The elderberry, the quercetin, which is like a natural Benadryl, zinc, vitamins A, C, D, and E, all of those beautiful immune-supporting ingredients. Now we're going to go to the next column starting with our collagen. You guys, the best collagen is marine-sourced, and that's what we use. We deliver five grams of marine sourced collagen. That is a clinical dose. It promotes vibrant and youthful looking skin. If you start using it, make sure and take a before and after picture, you will notice a difference. It really, really helps with youthful looking skin. It's great for the joints, and of course skin, hair, and nails. And again, also helps with the immune system. So, you're really just flooding your body with all of these amazing nutrients to support your immune system, your beauty, all these internal enhancements for the body to function optimally. And we do something interesting with our collagen. We do 10 days on, it's called collagen cycling, 20 days off. 10 days on, 20 days off, because studies show that if you flood your body with collagen every single day, the muscles, your own muscle building, your own ability, your body's own ability to make its own collagen turns off. We don't want that, right? So, what happens is it stimulates your own collagen building muscle when you take it for 10 days. For the next 20 days, it stimulates that muscle building collagen. So next is Revive. This is an amazing, amazing product that really the main thing about revive is it addresses? Inflammation and we all know that inflammation is the root of all disease, so this really helps ease muscle stiffness. It's great for athletes. It's great for everybody Those that have an autoimmune disorder. This is awesome to prevent flare-ups This is a non-negotiable in my book. This is always I take four a day And last but not least is purified This is a daily whole body detox this beautiful green pill You take one right before you go to bed two if you've overindulged and it just detoxifies us and detoxifies and cleanses the five organs you guys it takes out the garbage and then that basically makes room to increase nutrient absorption in the body. It helps support healthy weight and it eliminates those heavy metal toxins. 


Slide 12

So, guys, you know, the science, you've heard about the science, you've heard about, you know, the extra mile we go in every arena, but you know what? Nothing. Testimonials trump all of it. And every day I'm getting texts and testimonials of people thanking me for introducing them to these life-giving products. And here's just a few on this page. 

(You can read one if want)


Slide 13

So again, I mentioned the website. We have an awesome website called If you want to take a deeper dive, you can go to the product page there, watch some short video vignettes by Dr. Dan Gubler, our chief science officer, that really explain every single product and why you need them. The dossiers are there, the science is there. Have fun on 


Slide 14

So now I'm going to transition to my favorite product, which is the business. And you know, timing is key. Why is this so economically relevant right now? Well, post-2020, health supplements have become one of the most researched topics on the internet. Also, post-2020, we began to understand the significance of having a plan B and the ability to work remotely.


Slide 15

Another part of timing is the timing of this company and when you're hearing about it. The next billion-dollar giant, and we're the pioneers bringing it to critical mass. We are in the concentration phase and momentums in our future, and we get to ride that hockey stick wave. 


Slide 16

So, a lot of people don't really understand, I know I didn't really understand the difference between traditional marketing versus referral marketing. You guys, it's so simple. We simply, through word-of-mouth advertising, basically, it's just way more efficient. The company, I tell somebody about how much I love these products. They purchase them through me, and the company dropships them directly to their door, kind of like Amazon, right? And we cut out all these little mini profit centers that drive the price of a product up. And the distributor gets to win and earn a commission through that word-of-mouth advertising. 


Slide 17

Network marketing accounts for 20% of all millionaires globally. You guys, it's legit.


Slide 18

And I'll tell you what, take a look at this. It's $180 billion a year industry. It's more than twice the movie Hollywood industry. About three times that of organic food industry. So, guys, there's good and bad companies, but network marketing is big. And this is the biggest, this is going to be the biggest opportunity with this company I've ever seen because our products are so great, and our compensation plan is like nothing I've ever seen before. 


Slide 19

So, the most trusted form of advertising is word of mouth, and we simply offer the opportunity to get paid to show others how to live out of healthier bodies and bank accounts. 


Slide 20

How do we make money? People go to work to overcomplicate it. We simply share with friends, family and professionals. We have an incredible professional turnkey system and then they share with their friends, family and professionals and repeat. Simple as that. 


Slide 21

A two-pronged approach. We have the highest quality products to enhance health and we leverage word of mouth marketing to enhance wealth. 

Slide 22

You guys, there's two forms of income: active and residual. I grew up on my father's knee learning about residual income. Realizing that, you know, creating and building an income-producing asset equates to time freedom. Because you know what, what's really our most important asset? I would say our health and our time, right? So, this is an incredibly beautiful hybrid comp plan, the most generous I've ever seen, most lucrative I've ever seen in the industry that is a hybrid that it gives us the ability to earn an active income while we're building a bridge to that residual income. And I love Warren Buffett's quote, if you don't make money while you sleep, you'll work until you die. 


Slide 23

So, guys this is a really cool program that you can choose to engage in.  In essence, it's a referral program. You refer a good thing. Three, international. The solutions provided by the business opportunity, the solutions provided by the products, and you share that with people, and you've got a team behind you to help you do it. So, we have an affiliate program, and this is just so simple. You create a customized cart, you post a link, and you get paid 25% on every retail sale. So, to make it simple, if you sell something for $100, you make $25 immediately. And it's put in your bank, it's put in your account within 24 hours, okay? 


Slide 24

For those who want to share the business with people, and I love that, I love, I'm a team builder. I want to show people how to build an income producing asset. And when I bring somebody on that's interested in getting these products at wholesale, opening an account as a brand ambassador, I get a one-time product introduction bonus based on the package that they start with. So, the introduction package, I'm going to go over the intro pack and some of these packs in just a moment. But say they come in with a business builders pack. Well, guys, I get $245 right away for bringing somebody on as with a business builders pack. And then say I bring another person on with an intro pack, I get a $25 product introduction bonus for that. 


Slide 25

The most important, the residual component of this comp plan is our team commissions. We call them cycles. And again, this is a cliff note, high level overview of our comp plan. You can definitely, again, go to and take a deeper dive. But basically, you'll see, like if, say I enroll Bob and Sue, we build two teams, a right team, and a left team, super simple. And then Bob enrolls two people. And then those two people enroll two people. And Sue does the same. Well, you guys, eventually you end up building this team where you don't even know the people on your team. You know, it's not who you know, it's who you're going to meet. And these cycle bonuses are based on customer, it's called CV. We were in 14 international countries with a seamless compensation plan throughout. And we get paid customer volume CV. We can't do it in dollars because we have 14 different currencies we're dealing with. But basically, for every 600 on one leg and 300 CV on the other leg, it spits out $35 and that can even be increased to $45, $45 cycles if you have just 10 customers or 10 brand ambassadors personally enrolled to you. So, you can see how lucrative this is. 


Slide 26

This to me is the most exciting thing, is the leadership matching bonuses. Because you see, I want partners to sprint with. You know, I want people that really are passionate about sharing this and helping others build their bodies and bank accounts. And, you know, help enough people win and you win. And this compensation plan drives the right kind of behavior. So, for example, if I enroll someone who ends up making $100,000 a year, for my first level, I get a 20% commission. So, I get $20,000. Okay, are you following me? And then for level two, you get 15%. For level three, 10%. And for levels four through seven, you get 5%. So, this is the most, this is unbelievable. As a matter of fact, Kim Wee, who's our master distributor, who really helped architect this brilliant compensation plan was making seven figures a month in her prior company with a compensation plan and products that were far inferior to what we have here. And she was making a million dollars a month and she was making a hundred thousand dollars on her cycles but $900,000 from the leadership matches. So really, really cool. 


Slide 27

We have amazing rank advancement bonuses. So, you know, you get, you have benchmarks, you have benchmarks to hit and goals to hit. And I love that with a comp plan, right? 


Slide 28

So, join the movement. You can come in as a retail customer. I don't know why anyone would choose that. If you're purchasing more than one product, it makes sense to come in as at least a preferred customer and pay $30 for the opportunity to, $30 annual membership fee for the opportunity of wholesale pricing, which comes to about 18-20% off retail for an entire year. You get, we have an amazing loyalty rewards program, community support, but why not brand ambassador? There's no risk for becoming brand ambassador. You may decide to buy once and never purchase again, but you are set up for success just in case you want to engage. And as brand ambassador, again, you pay the $30 annual membership fee and you get a replicated website, you get daily pay, and you open up the ability to get daily pay and the multiple ways to earn that we just discussed. 


Slide 29

So, here's some pack options. There's basic, good, and better. And the intro pack contains the three products that I first introduced you to. You save $85 off retail. The premium pack, the more you buy, the more you save. You save $182. The business builder pack, you save $699, and you'll see you get at least two of everything, of every product, and five of some. So, you can share, or you can have your family enjoy those at a deep discount. But we've got basic, good, better, 


Slide 30

but for a limited time, this is limited availability, we have the best, which is the Founders Pack. Guys, when I understood the perks associated with coming in as a founder, I didn't even blink. I was like, I'm in, sign me up for the founders. I mean, first of all, you get nearly $3,000 worth of products for less than $2,000. So, you know, there's an enormous discount associated with the Founders Pack, and it also flags your account for a 2% revenue share shared weekly with the pioneers of this company. And Kim Hui’s' last company, I mean, when this becomes a billion-dollar company, that could equate to a quarter million dollars a year extra for becoming a founder. 



Slide 31

So where do you see yourself? And I really, really want you to get back to the person that shared this with you and let them know if you already wanted two or three. One, you're simply interested in benefiting from the products. Two, you're intrigued by the income opportunity behind the products and might like to refer customers, share your links as a distributor. Or three, you're interested in diversifying and adding an additional stream of income by learning about the business. Are you a one, two or three? So, thank you so much for listening. And cheers to your health. And I'd like to end by saying, it's the life in the years more than the years in saying, it's the life in the years more than the years in the life in your life. So good night, everybody.


A few more details on products if needed:

So here are our 6 life giving products.  I could easily spend an hour on each one but I’m gonna go through a cliff note version tonight.  So let's start up in the top top left hand corner.


  • Vitalitae - Combines crucial vitamins and minerals it’s so much more than a multi-vitamin - with proprietary superfood, digestive care, and antioxidant-packed berry blend this sets and contains everything we need to fill in all the nutritional gaps. 

    • Most vitamins are synthetic isolates - ours are whole food vitamins

    • A little packet that we take daily containing four small capsules plus your omega

    • Results include increased energy, not just an increase in physical energy but mental energy -yet without caffeine 

    • helps regulate the digestive system

    • Improved sleep 

  • Eternel - Éternel is an advanced blend of liposomal antioxidants and polyphenols that helps protect your body's cells and systems from the damage caused by free radicals.

    • 30 day pack

    • Fountain of youth in a purple packet. 

    • Tastes awesome - helps with sugar cravings -  Keep it cold in the fridge

    • Contains:  

    • glutathione - master antioxidant, Now, I am kind of in love with glutathione. I love that glutathione glow. I know many people who would get a glutathione push, an iv,  and now they don't have to So that's kind of nice. Saves them money and most people, well, don't like to get the needle in their arm, for an IV push. But now we just take our purple pouch. So liposomal glutathione, glutathione's the mother antioxidant, think all things anti-aging,

    • 2 grams of marine collagen 

    • Coenzyme Q10

    • 200 mg of resveratrol 

    • All your polyphenols

    • 10 superfruits 

    • Internal and external demonstrative effects 

    • Reduces inflammation

    • Radiant skin - glutathione glow

    • Repairs muscle tissues and promotes joint health- 

  • Immune -

    • enhances your body's natural immune response.

    • truly unique in the market place - Immune modulator -

    • boosts the immune system when needed

    • calms it down if it’s overactive (allergies) and brings it back to homeostasis 

    • 2 a day - this is the ultimate in proactive wellness

    • ​Vitamins A, C, D, E and zinc

    • Nano-silver - anti-fungal, anti-baterial

    • Mushroom extracts/adaptogens

    • Quercetin - allergies/natural benadryl

  • Collagen - The Ultimate Dewy Skin Cocktail

    •  nourishes skin, hair, and nails

    •  lubricates the joints 

    • 5 grams - clinical dose - of marine collagen which is hydrolyzed and micronized so it is absorbed. 

    • collagen cycling - 10 out of 30 days  - gives the body nutrients to make its own collagen.  10 days on, 20 days off

    • Hylauronic acid, vitamin C 

    • Keratin, biotin, pomegrante

  • Revive - the ultimate anti-inflammatory - 

    • Supports healthy joints and enhanced flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

    • Addresses brain and gut  inflammation 

    • What sets it apart -again - is the absorption - taking the best turmeric you don’t feel the effects because it’s only delivered to the tune of 5% - put a liposome around that curcumin and it’s absorbed at 90-98% and works like an ibuprofen or Advil with side benefits rather than side effects. 

    • Bosswelia/Frankinsence  - incredible, natural  anti-inflammatory delivered to the cells to 90% 

  • Purifí́ - Disease symptoms come from a cup that is too full of toxins and impurities 

    • ​an advanced blend of cleansing herbs and fulvic acid (works like a magnet to collect all the toxins and impurities and escort then out of the body) t

    • take one of these beautiful green capsules per night or 2 if you overindulge - wake up feeling wonderful

    • There’s a liver enzyme in there

    • We have 32 trillion cells that are toxic and deficient- they turn over and replicate every 90 days. - in 90 days we build a completely new body comprised of 32 trillion brand new cells - build that body with these 6 essential whole food based compounds  with superior delivery systems and the cleanest end most efficacious ingredients-the best of the best! 

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