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Getting Started Checklist

1. Complete the Welcome and Orientation if you haven't already. 

  • Welcome to the team!  We are here to support you.  Be sure to complete the orientation and familiarize yourself with the resources before your box even arrives.  Let us know if you’re a 1, 2 or 3 

2.  Stay Connected !


  • Team Calendar -Find events, training calls and more.  Click on the event to find details to join virtual events.  

  • Facebook Pages

    • Product (Kaizen Lyfe) -Product page for Prospects and Customers.  Add them and then tag them in posts that resonate with their goals.   PLEASE add content & personal testimonials to keep the page energetic, fun & valuable. 

3. Get Paid: Set up iii -Wallet   Receive commissions. Set up a transfer to any bank account or order a debit card.  Login to your back office and watch the quick tutorial on how to set up your free account. 




4. Get started!

5. Learn how to share the THREE opportunity:

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