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Launching Your New Brand Partner



Welcome to the team NAME!! 

We are all here to support you😘

Be sure to go to 

Password: livewell.  

Complete the orientation and familiarize yourself with the resources before your box even arrives.  Let us know if you’re a 1, 2 or 3 

Tee up Welcome & Orientation

Congratulations with your decision!.heic

Send to those who identify as "2's" & "3's"

NAME:  I'm thrilled that you are interested in the income opportunity behind our products. 

The first step is to get plugged in to our virtual community.   

Be sure to join our Sunday night "Meet the Team call." 

Take a deep dive into the opportunity and comp plan by exploring:

Password: livewell 


Send to those who are ready to start their business

NAME:  thrilled that you are ready to GO.  Set yourself up for success by completing the Getting Started Checklist.

FINAL Getting Started Checklist.jpeg
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