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Setting Up the 3 Way Zoom

MESSAGE 1:  Introduction through text or messenger

(initiated by Brand Ambassador)

Prospect - I would love to introduce you to my friend and mentor, 3 way call leader. I'm so grateful for her/his leadership! She/he is helping me learn the ropes as I launch my business.

3 way call leader this is my good friend, Prospect I was telling you about. She/he is interested in learning more about (state prospects interests)

MESSAGE 2: Scheduling the Appointment

(initiated by 3 way call leader)

Prospect- nice to meet you & Brand ambassador thank you for your kind introduction!

Would (provide 3 available times) work for you?

MESSAGE 3: Pre-Call/zoom instructions after the appointment has been set:

(initiated by 3 way call leader)

Prospect, In order to make the most efficient use of our time, it would be helpful for you to go to our team page:

Check out the product and/or business pages to better understand what makes our products and business so exciting and which solutions may resonate most with you. Feel free to write down any questions you might have in preparation for our call.

MESSAGE 4: Reminder Text the day of call

(initiated by Brand Ambassador)

Prospect and 3 way call leader.  Friendly reminder that our call is today at time.  Please click on this link at that time: and join meeting as attendee. Meeting ID: 5442214391

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